Pit Stop in Pisa

This is my first travel post following my recent tour around Italy. My short tour of Italy began with what I can only describe as a pit stop in Pisa, mainly due to the fact I was unfortunately only there for around 16 hours before catching a train to Florence. The stay was short but sweet and I really enjoyed my quick tour of Pisa and of course its main attraction – The Leaning Tower of Pisa.

My flight landed pretty late at night and I caught a taxi from outside the airport to my hotel in the centre of Pisa, the taxi ride only took around ten minutes which was great but it did cost around €15. If it was daytime I may have jumped on a bus to save a few pennies.

The hotel I stayed was rated 3 star and named The Royal Victoria Hotel. I paid approximately £50 for 1 room and 2 guests. A buffet breakfast, wi-fi and and air-conditioning were all included in this price. The hotel was quaint with old fashioned architecture and marble floors which I loved, it had a very Italian feel. The room was quite basic and small, however we didn’t mind this as we were only there for one night. Despite being basic the room was quite charming, again with some old fashioned features as you can see in some pictures below (sorry they are a bit dark as I took them in the evening when we arrived). The hotel had a great location overlooking the river, one particular reason I chose this hotel was it close proximity to the leaning tower and also the train station for my train to Florence. It was central to both locations being a 10-15 minute walk to each.

Royal Victoria Hotel View and Room Features


The next morning we helped ourselves to the breakfast buffet which was pleasant and consisted of cereals, toast, ham, cheese, yoghurt and a selection of fruit. We then headed to the ‘square of miracles’, where the tower and other attractions are located.

The tower really is incredible to look at, how it is still standing I will never know! Not only can you just look at the tower, and get your ‘pushing the tower over’ photo, but you can also climb it. We booked online in advance which you can do up to 20 days in advance here. I recommend doing this as places are limited book and ticket queues on the day can be VERY long. Before queuing up outside the tower at your designated time, make sure to place your bags in the cloak room near the ticket office as no bags are allowed to be taken inside.

The views from the top of the tower were lovely, showcasing the Cathedral and the square. Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the view as I had left my camera bag in the cloak room. It was great fun climbing the tower as the stairs really sloped so it was an interesting experience. Although tickets are pretty ‘steep’ at €18 per person it’s still something that I’d thoroughly recommend.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa and Duomo


The tower is not the only attraction to see in the square, there are 5 others! These include:

  • The Cathedral (duomo) – free entry.
  • The Baptistry (the small circular building)
  • The Camposanto (cemetery)
  • Museo dele Sinope
  • Museo dell’Opera del Duomo

These sights can be visited on a combined ticket which can be purchased from the same website as for the tower tickets. You can also find further information on each of the attractions in the ‘square of miracles’ on this website. For €5, €7 or €8 per person you can visit 1, 2 or 3 of the attractions. Both museums were closed at the time of our visit, therefore, we opted for the €7 ticket and went inside the cathedral (free), Baptistry and Camposanto.

Baptistery and Camposanto Gardens

Once you’ve finished sight seeing, the lush grassy areas outside the attractions are perfect for a gelato and a spot of sunbathing. If you have any questions regarding Pisa please comment :)! Next stop Florence…



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