Super (face) food

Earlier this week I attended an event at The Body Shop, Trafford Centre, for the launch of their new superfood face masks. What else can I say other than I absolutely loved it and now want so many of their products! The evening started with an introduction to each of the masks, what they contained and what skin type they were best suited to. Following this we had chance to chat with the skin care expert 1-to-1 about our skin concerns and what products would be best for our skin concerns. This was really interesting for me and made me realise that I really don’t look after my skin enough! If you are ever popping into The Body Shop I’d definitely recommend speaking to one of their skin care experts to help determine what could work for your skin.


One of Trafford’s lovely skin care experts.

Now more on those superfood face masks, I’ll give a very quick breakdown of them below and link each to The Body Shop website in case anyone wants to know more…

This is the best selling superfood mask by The Body Shop at the moment and the one I tried at home (thank you to The Body Shop Trafford Centre for the cute goodie bag I received at the event). The mask was lovely and cooling when I applied it, it is a clay mask that dries firmly. It probably wasn’t the best choice for my skin type (dry) as it absorbs excess oil but I was still really pleased with the results and felt my skin looked more ‘glowy’ afterwards. I also felt that it exfoliated my skin without being overly harsh like some exfoliators on the market can be.


Trying out the Himalayan Charcoal Mask – dare to mask!
  • British Rose Fresh Plumping Mask: 100% vegan gel face mask, ideal for skin that needs re-hydrating to its dewy glow. This mask is designed to soothe and tone skin whilst also moisturising.

This seemed like a good choice for my dry skin and it’s already on my Christmas list!



  • Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing Mask: 100% vegetarian melting face mask that assists in the restoration and replenishing of skin. Designed for skin that requires a dose of moisture to feel soft and smooth again.


This mask felt amazing when I tested it on my hand – I’d love to give this is one a try as my skin tone is quite uneven. This mask is also on my Christmas list!

All of the new superfood masks are priced at £15 each. The Body Shop are also offering Students 30% off until 31st October 16, visit Trafford’s instagram for the in-store discount code.

Speaking of Christmas lists (I am too early) I couldn’t resist listing some other items that I spotted in store and that were also recommended to me on the evening…
 This was a lovely foamy cleanser used by the skin care expert on the night, the Drops of Light range is designed to help brighten the skin. This is definitely something I’m looking for as my skin is dry it can look quite dull. (£12).

I also saw this cleanser being used on the evening and just loved the idea of the soothing camomile to wipe away the days make up. It can even remove waterproof makeup. (£10).

 I noticed this gorgeous body moisturiser whilst browsing the store, mainly due to its cocktail connotations! I had to give it a try and my gosh did it smell amazing. It also soaked in to my skin super fast, what more could a girl want from a body moisturiser. (£8)

7 thoughts on “Super (face) food

  1. I love the Body Shop. They always smell AMAZING and I have really sensitive skin so it’s not to know these aren’t that harsh. I’ll definitely have to pop in again soon, especially as the Winter scents will be on their way soon – yippee.

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